Floyd Fest kicks off Wednesday with new beer regulations

One of the biggest festivals in our region, Floyd Fest, kicks off Wednesday and will be rolling out some changes. 

Close to 100 bands, unique outdoor artistic experiences and craft beer are what festivalgoers and vendors from all around the country are prepping for.

Crews have been working nonstop for the past two weeks on the 85-acre site in Patrick County, preparing for Floyd Fest.

Rain Lipson, co-owner of Green Label organic, says she has attended the five-day celebration of art and music every year.

“It has grown over the years and we have also. It is important to reach out to different people than we normally have contact with,” said Lipson.

Close to 15,000 festivalgoers are anticipated to attend and they can expect extra security due to new beer regulations.

“We are actually opening up our entire site up to ABC-wide alcohol. You don't have to stand in a beer garden. You can leave now and wander the site,” said Sam Calhoun, chief operating officer of Across-the-Way Productions.  

The theme this year is "Wild" with some pretty out-of-this-world art installations and diverse bands to match.

“Every kind of genre music is represented here and we get back to purposeful programming," Calhoun said. "We don't pick the bands that we think is going to hit it out of the park."

"We pick the band that we think is going to work well with someone else and the mood and vibe we are trying to set up here.”

The festival kicks off Wednesday with the first band hitting the stage at 5:30 p.m.