Danville police captain to be new Altavista police chief

Tommy Merricks has been with Danville Police Department nearly 30 years

DANVILLE, Va. – Altavista has a new police chief.

Danville Police Department Capt. Tommy Merricks has accepted the job.

He's been with the Danville Police Department for almost 30 years as a patrol officer, investigator and SWAT commander.

He said becoming a chief is the natural progression of his career path.

"Altavista seems to be a wonderful opportunity, good department. Chief Milnor has done an excellent job. Deputy Chief Morefield is an excellent person and I'm looking forward to jumping in and taking part," Merricks said.

He said the people at the Danville Police Department are what he'll miss the most when he leaves.

His first day as chief is Sept. 3.