Scammer using identity of Roanoke County sheriff's deputy to trick people

If you get this message, the Sheriff's Office says don't call the number


ROANOKE, Va. – A scammer is using the name and phone number of a Roanoke County Sheriff's Office employee, according to the Sheriff's Office. 

Those scammed will receive a voicemail from someone identifying as Major Hudson with the caller ID showing the number 540-283-3110, an actual Sheriff's Office phone number. 

The voicemail tells people to call another number, 540-268-8991, where a woman's voice says: "Hello, please state your name after the tone and Global Voice will try to connect you." 

The Sheriff's Office asks people to not call the phone number and to not leave your name or any other personal information. 

If you need to contact the Sheriff's Office, call 540-283-3145. 

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