Chemical spill near Pulaski County elementary school now contained


A chemical spill in Pulaski County caused an elementary school to shelter in place on Monday morning.

According to fire officials, a tanker was unloading hydrogen peroxide into a tank near Warden Spring Road when the chemical spilled around 8:30 a.m. 

First responders reported that approximately 50 to 100 gallons had leaked. Crews were able to quickly contain it. 

As a precaution, Critzer Elementary School, which is down the road from the incident, was told to shelter in place while the spill was being contained. 

Officials say there was no risk to the public. 

At this time, Shawn Utt, Pulaski town manager, says there is no evidence of any contamination to streams or groundwater. 

A hazardous materials crew is assisting with the full cleanup, which is expected to take several hours. 


Crews are working to clean up a small chemical spill at a manufacturing plant near a Pulaski County elementary school. 

Students and staff members at Critzer Elementary are advised to stay inside the building as a precaution. 

The spill was from a tanker and is now contained, according to the assistant county administrator. 

The cleanup process is underway.

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