Roanoke County sets deadline for bids on Cave Spring High School renovations

Leaders say they're hopeful they'll stay on schedule

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – There’s an update Tuesday to the timeline for renovating Cave Spring High School.

Roanoke County School Board members have set a deadline for construction companies to submit bids for Sept. 18 at 1 p.m. They said Tuesday that they’re anticipating getting bids from three companies.

They said the plans are still on schedule for moving classrooms into trailers over winter break
and starting the renovations in January.

Board members said the county is prepared and they’re hopeful the renovation plans will stay on schedule.

“(I'm) very encouraged. When you have three bidders -- and we only had one last time -- that creates the competition,” school board member Mike Wray said. “It's a tight schedule, and as soon as we get that back, we're going to have to move.”

This summer, county leaders had to delay starting the renovations after they only received one bid, which they decided was too costly.

The school system also conducted a major cleanup this summer, responding to reports of mold inside Cave Spring High School.