Appomattox man makes his 600th blood platelet donation in Blacksburg


APPOMATTOX, Va. – A man dedicated to saving the lives of others has done so hundreds of times. Phillip Lucado of Appomattox made his 600th platelet donation Friday in Blacksburg.

It's the ultimate milestone with the American Red Cross, a feat few donors have achieved.

He is a farmer in Appomattox and told 10 News over the course of his life he has driven 60,000 miles total just to donate blood.

It's a tradition that started with his grandfather and father. He said his father donated blood until he was 80 years old.

10 News has followed his journey for several years, including when he reached his 500th milestone.

Lucado started donating blood back in 19-73 when he was 18-years-old.

He began donating platelets in 19-96.

With every platelet donation he could save up to three lives.

Despite the milestone, he said he and his wife, whom is also an avid donor plan to keep on giving.

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