Alleghany County rallying for better salaries for teachers, resources for students

LOW MOOR, Va. – Educators and Teachers with Alleghany County on Public Schools will be in Richmond for the Red for Ed march and rallying for more public school funding and better resources for students.

Cindy Fox has been with Alleghany County Public Schools for 13 years. She and others starting a letter writing campaign last year to get the attention of the Legislature

Fox says it's time for the commonwealth to step up. She and others are hoping their voices are heard in Richmond.

"As teachers, (we) have fed the children, we have clothed these children. We step up to the plate and we asked for very little. We're not in it for the money. If we were, no one will be teaching. But we deserve to be compensated for that, as well. And our children deserve to have teachers that want to come here and stay here," said Fox.

Since 2009, the county lost close to 900 students and more than 100 full-time staff. The superintendent says it's important to provide salaries teachers can live on. He wants a level playing field for all educators. 

"We are being funded approximately $1,900 less per student. Which is a significant amount of money. We need the commonwealth of Virginia to fund their schools adequately," said Eugene Kotulka, superintendent.

Other districts, such as Covington city schools and Montgomery County are also sending representatives to fight for the future of public education. Virginia is the 12th wealthiest state but ranks 42nd in per-pupil state funding. The gap between what Virginia teachers make and the national average is at an all-time high. Virginia teachers currently earn $9,218 under the national average, ranking the state 34th in the country.