Tax code changes: What you need to know

Changes could mean you get smaller refund this year

DANVILLE, Va. – If you haven't already filed your taxes, you may not know of some changes to the tax code.

The changes could mean less money in your return this year.

The tax filing deadline is still months away, but the Liberty Tax office on Piney Forest Road in Danville is already busy and Vice President Robert Grace is already seeing people struggle with the new tax code changes.

"The new tax law has eliminated the $4,000 exemption," Grace said.

That means the amount of income tax you have to pay may be higher this year because you can't lower your income by $4,000 for every person, like children, on your tax return.

"To offset for that, the standard deduction has been doubled," Grace said.

That means the maximum amount of money you can make and not have to pay taxes has doubled.

When you come in to get your taxes done, you'll need a government ID, such as a driver's license.

Also, people filing as head of their household will be more scrutinized this year and unreimbursed business expenses, primarily impacting people who travel a lot for work, can't be itemized.

"I've got at least 20 customers that are truck drivers," Grace said. "They're going to lose $15,000 of itemized deductions."

Danville resident Lekeysha Harris said her taxes aren't much different this year despite all of the changes.

"I actually got more (of a refund) than what I did last year," Harris said.

She said getting her taxes done was simple and she's already got a plan for her refund.

"Pay my bills. Take care of my kids," Harris said.

For more information about the changes, visit the IRS' website.