Roanoke College professor receives highest honor for state faculty

Courtesy of Roanoke College

ROANOKE, Va. – A local professor has won the Commonwealth's highest honor for educators at the state's public and private colleges and universities. 

Dr. Valerie Banschbach, professor and chair of environmental studies at Roanoke College, received a 2019 Outstanding Faculty Award from the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia. 

Of 86 nominees, Banschbach is one of 13 faculty members to receive the award and one of only two who work at private colleges in Virginia. She is the fifth Roanoke College professor to receive the award in 15 years. 

The award aims to recognize professors and faculty members for excellence in scholarship, teaching, mentoring, research and public service. 

Nominees are selected by the institutions, reviewed by a panel of peers and chosen by a committee consisting of leaders from the public and private sector. 

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