3-year-old girl's hair ripped out at Illinois preschool

Parents demanding answers

Courtesy of NBC Chicago
Courtesy of NBC Chicago

OSWEGO, Ill. – The parents of a 3-year old girl want answers after a piece of their daughter's hair was ripped out during nap time at an Illinois day care Tuesday morning, according to NBC Philadelphia

Robin Reddick said she dropped her daughter off in the morning and then recieved a call a few hours later saying something had happened to her child, but it wasn't an emergency. 

She noticed an entire braid was ripped from her scalp when she picked her up. She said it looked painful and could see her hair folicles. 

The girl's parents took her to a doctor, who said something forceful had been used on their daughter's hair. They also spoke with the Department of Children and Family Services and filed a report with police. 

In a statment, the Kindercare said, “although no injury occurred, we also reported the incident to state licensing, so that they may look into the matter for themselves, if they so choose."