Local man represents U.S. overseas in races on world stage

Angell raced against some of the best athletes in the world


ROANOKE – A big congratulations to a local man who represented the U.S., racing against some of the best athletes in the world.

David Angell went to Poland for the World Masters Indoor Championships.

The 42 year old says over the last few years he's had a lot of success in the Masters world on a National level so he wanted to represent American on the world stage.

He ran the 3K and was 11th overall. The next race was 10K and he's won that for the past two years here in the U.S. He came in 5th in his age group.

"It really was a great experience.  Just being a part of Team USA and competing against athletes from around the world.  I was never good enough throughout my career to make it to the Olympics, but this is sort of like a mini-Olympics for us older athletes who are still competing at a high level, so it was very exciting," Angell said.

"There were probably about 4000 total athletes and around 70-80 countries represented.  A lot of the athletes were former Olympians and national record holders for their respective countries who still have the desire to compete, so it was neat to be around that.  The USA sent 219 athletes (many of whom are American or World record holders for their respective events in their age group).  As a team, the USA finished 2nd in gold medals and 4th in overall medals."

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