Texas may stop people from using food stamps to buy soda, junk food

Bill would ban sodas, chips, cookies and more


AUSTIN, Texas – Texas may limit what those using food stamps can spend them on.

H.B. No. 4364 is looking to ban people from using the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP,  to buy certain food and drinks.

Energy drinks, sweetened beverages, candy, potato or corn chips and cookies are among the items specifically listed in the bill that would be banned.

Don't worry, coffee lovers.

The bill explicitly states that "coffee or any substantially coffee-based beverage" is not included in the ban.

Virginia's SNAP doesn't contain these types of restrictions, but there are some.

Items that cannot be purchased with SNAP benefits in Virginia include:

  • Prepared hot foods in grocery stores
  • Any prepared food hot or cold, sold and meant to be eaten at the store
  • Alcoholic beverages and tobacco
  • Cleaning products, paper products, toiletries and cooking utensils
  • Pet foods
  • Items for food preservation, such as canning jars and lids, freezer containers or food wrapping paper
  • Medicines, vitamins or minerals
  • Items for gardening, such as fertilizer and peat moss

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