Star City Cop Camp teaches kids about law enforcement

ROANOKE, Va. – Some Roanoke kids spent part of their summer vacation with the police, but they were not in trouble.

The Star City Cop Camp educated middle-school students about law enforcement and first responders. The camp was sponsored by the Roanoke Police Department and took place over three days.

The kids had fun by playing dodgeball with officers but also saw firsthand how emergency personnel worked in dangerous situations. That including watching first responders deal with a mock car crash and learning how to apply first aid in an emergency.

Lt. Jennings Tardy of the Roanoke Police Department said the goal of the Cop Camp was to balance education with fun and officers never wore their uniforms.

"They see us differently without the uniform," Tardy said. "We're all dressed in shorts and a T-shirt. I think it humanizes us and lets them know that we're just like everybody else."

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