Man training for World Marathon Challenge dedicates latest run to combating bullying

Steve Scott ran from the Martinsville YMCA to the Danville YMCA

DANVILLE, Va. – Seven marathons, seven continents, seven days.

Ten News has covered Pittsylvania County resident Steve Scott's mission to combat cancer, but he's using his latest training to raise awareness about another issue he's also passionate about: bullying.

Striding in to the parking lot of the Danville YMCA after his 32-mile run from the YMCA in Martinsville, Steve Scott was a little out of breath, but he found just enough to deliver his message.

"Any kids out there, anybody bullying you, calling you names or whatever, go to somebody. Go to the authorities, go to your mom, go to your dad, go to somebody at the Y. Tell them about it," Scott said.

In February, Scott will compete in the World Marathon Challenge, running seven marathons on seven continents in seven days.

He'll run more than 55,000 steps for each marathon, which he hopes will amount to one big step in the fight against bullying and his primary goal of raising awareness about cancer and money for the Danville Pittsylvania Cancer association.

Doing some research online recently made him realize just how big of an issue bullying is.

"I just got on the computer and researched what bullying is," Scott said. "It made me realize if there's a kid sitting at a table and kids are sitting there calling him names and all because his hair's not right or whatever, that's bullying."

The Danville Y just started a yearlong campaign against bullying.

"We've got to stop that stuff in this world. We've got to stop that, (in) Danville, Virginia, especially. We've got to stop that. We've got to be one. We've got to learn to say good words to each other as a little one all the way up," Scott said. "I'm ready for the 7-7-7. Let's do it."