Squirrel stops passerby for help, leading her to its injured baby

Squirrel needed rescue from cat

PULASKI – Its an unlikely rescue you have to see to believe -- a Pulaski woman was stopped by a squirrel that needed help.

Video from the Pulaski Police Department shows a woman named Tia Powell having a close encounter with the squirrel. Powell was walking in Kiwanis Park when she was approached by the squirrel. She said although she tried to let it be, the squirrel kept following her, and even tugged on her pant leg. She decided to follow it, and soon realized the squirrel was leading her to its baby that had an injured leg.

That is when she realized that a cat was attempting to attack the pair of squirrels, and possibly already had.

She quickly called the police department and her friend Jasmine Brown to get help for the injured animal.

Police say the squirrels were waiting with Powell when they arrived. Powell and Brown were able to get both squirrels to safety back in their tree.

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