Roanoke organization provides women opportunity to face fears with swim lessons

W.E C.H.A.R.M is covering the cost for group swim lessons for six women.

ROANOKE, Va.- – A Roanoke organization is helping a few women face their fears. 

The organization, W.E C.H.A.R.M, stands for Women Everyday Changing Hearts as Role Models. It's covering the cost for group swim lessons for six women. The women are being taught by an instructor at Green Ridge Recreation Center in Roanoke County. 

The goal is to help them feel empowered and overcome defeat while inspiring others to make a change. 

Marlene Hamlette said she wanted to face her fears after turning 60 and was inspired after watching her five granddaughters, as she puts it, swim like fish. 

"For the younger generations, that they can understand that if we can do it. They have the strength and ability to do it, as well, and to try other things, not just swimming," said Hamlette. 

"There may be one or two that's more advanced, but we are motivating and encouraging each other," said Teresa Wilson. 

There are five more swim lessons to go for the group.  To learn more about W.E C.H.A.R.M, click here

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