'Virtuali-tee' helping Botetourt County students learn about the body

T-shirts provide 3D, 360-degree simulated internal view of body

BOTETOURT COUNTY, Va. – Botetourt County high school nursing students have a new way to explore the human body.

The nursing program at the Botetourt County Technical Education Center has special T-shirts that display a simulated 3D, 360-degree view of the inside of the body.

Students use an app on their phone to scan the pattern on the shirt.

The simulated image is then displayed on their phone.

It also simulates the sound of a heartbeat and breathing and allows students to go inside the organs.

"I think it makes it real for them, because when they're just reading about it in a textbook it's 2D. They don't really get the full effect," nursing program coordinator Shanon Griffin said.

"In the textbook, you can see everything but being on your phone and being able to see the 360-degree view and it being 3D is really cool," said senior Carly Crawford.

"Watching how it works kind of helps to understand (the body)," senior Payton Kreklow said.

Some of the students are also using the shirts to help teach elementary school students about the body.