Birthday parade draws massive crowd

BLAINE, Minn. – A couple dozen cars.

That’s what a mom in Blaine, Minnesota expected.

“Like 30, but nothing like this,” Amy Dement said.

Dement went on Facebook asking people to drive by and help her son celebrate his 11th birthday.

Gavin Pritzl has autism and has struggled the past few weeks with the changes that have broken his routine and kept him out of school.

On Tuesday night, the expected 30 vehicles turned into hundreds of cars, trucks and motorcycles that overwhelmed the Cub Foods parking lot where drivers rendezvoused before the parade.

As the crowd grew, the Blaine Police Department fielded scores of complaints about the size of the gathering while ‘stay at home’ is still in place.

The sentiment was not shared by people who came to the curb in Gavin’s neighborhood.