Hero hound saves owner from house fire in North Carolina

WILMINGTON, N.C. – If it wasn’t for her dog, King, Lacresha Slappy doesn’t think she’d be alive.

One morning after getting home from working the graveyard shift, Lacresha laid down to get some rest but she wasn’t asleep long.

“I was woke up by my dog tugging on my hair scratching me and that’s not him,” Slappy recalls.

Lacresha’s Wilmington, North Carolina home had caught fire. King not only woke her up but Lacresha says he tried to lead her out to safety.

“I felt like I was gonna die,” said Slappy. “So, I bust out the window. But it was like the fire was coming at me even more off the walls. So, I just felt like I was trapped and I got out, and my dog was taking me towards the door.