Lawyer: Many friends of wanted Marine say he’s innocent

Attorney hired to represent Michael Brown again urges him to turn himself in

ROANOKE, Va. – According to the attorney hired represent Michael Brown, many believe the wanted Marine is not a violent person and that he’s innocent.

As 10 News reported Thursday, friends of Brown hired Roanoke attorney Deborah Caldwell-Bono to represent him.

She said they’re worried about the 22-year-old and they want him to be alive when the situation is resolved.

The search for Brown continued on Friday.

Franklin County deputies accuse him of killing Rodney Brown, his mother’s boyfriend, Saturday inside a home in the Hardy area.

Caldwell-Bono emphasized the lack of violence during the seven-day search, pointing to the fact that, since the alleged murder, law enforcement officers have not reported that Brown has harmed anyone.

“Violence is not in his nature. It seems like what’s telling is that he has chosen to avoid conflict. It seems like from what police are saying he’s had opportunity but has not acted on anything,” Caldwell-Bono said.

She said many friends and strangers alike are worried about the Marine’s safety.

“I’ve received a lot of phone calls and support of him from people, as well as the ones that know him and people that don’t even know him offering support -- veterans and people of that nature,” she said.

Viewers have reached out to 10 News and asked if Brown could turn himself into someone familiar to him, like someone at a Veterans Health Administration Hospital or a Marine recruiter. Caldwell-Bono said any of those options are fine as long as everyone is safe, and he can start with reaching out to those he trusts.

“I would like for him to know that if he would call these friends that he knows have always been there for him, they have my cell phone number and I’m available for him 24/7,” she said.

She said it’s way too early to guess what a defense for Brown might be like in a murder trial.