Make sure you’re prepared for winter weather before you hit the road

Virginia Tech offering safety reminder

BLACKSBURG, Va. – It’s that time of year again when you need to make sure you’re prepared for winter weather when you hit the road.

Virginia Tech police and the university’s emergency management department are sharing tips on social media.

They say the most important thing is to have an emergency kit.

Virginia Tech Emergency Management Assistant Director Andrew Marinik said people often ask what should be in a kit, but not many people actually have a kit.

“With that kit, there’s got to be two aspects to it. The normal kit you should always have, right? Jumper cables, maybe a multi-tool, first aid kit, things like that,” Marinik said. "Then, when it comes to winter stuff, make sure you have a hat, gloves for everybody who might be in the vehicle, a blanket.”

For more tips, click here or visit ready.gov.

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