Sap to Syrup: Two weekends dedicated to all things maple syrup

Beliveau Farm unveils new maple ale during annual maple walnut weekend

Blacksburg, Va. – One Blacksburg farm and winery wants to show you how they turn tree sap into tasty syrup.

Feb. 1 through Feb. 2 and Feb. 8 through Feb. 9, Beliveau Farms is hosting its second annual “Sap to Syrup: The Maple Walnut Weekend.” Festivities begin at noon and end at 6 p.m. on all four days.

This year, not only will the farm have tree tapping demonstrations, kids’ craft activities, and maple syrup dishes, the weekends will feature Beliveau’s new maple ale.

Wine tastings, hikes, live maple syrup processing and live music are also part of the weekend fun.

10 News reporter, Megan Woods spent Thursday morning exploring the farm and all the maple syrup goodness in store for the big weekend.

For information on Beliveau Farm and upcoming events, click here.

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