Mill Mountain Zoo launches GoFundMe during coronavirus closure

Zoo is looking to raise $20,000

ROANOKE, Va. – While many non-essential businesses across Virginia are closed, that doesn’t mean operating costs go away.

That’s especially true for the Mill Mountain Zoo, which still needs to provide for the animals in its care.

“Without the revenue from admissions and school groups, we urgently need your help,” according to the GoFundMe page started to help the zoo.

“We can’t just simply turn off all the lights and leave the premises vacant. We still have to come in. We still have to care for them. We still have to provide them with food and veterinary care,” said Mill Mountain Zoo Co-Director of Operations Derek Kellogg.

Any donations to the zoo are 100% tax deductible.

While the goal is set at $20,000, the page explains that if all of the zoo’s Facebook fans donated $10, more than $140,000 would be raised.

So far, $435 has been donated.

Other ways to help the zoo include buying a membership to use when things open back up, sponsoring an animal or buying a t-shirt through Big Lick Screen Printing.

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