Salem pastor preaches to his congregation from the roof for Easter

SALEM, Va. – Churches across the nation have changed the way they worship for Easter because of COVID-19; Salem’s Community Church looked to the sky for its solution.

“The book of Matthew says, ‘Preach from the rooftops,’" Said Community Church Pastor Tom McCracken. "I take the Bible literally, so that’s what we’re doing today.”

McCracken preached from the church’s roof to a full parking lot of worshippers, who stayed in their cars throughout the sermon. It was the first time Community Church physically congregated since COVID-19 came to Virginia.

The crowd included Wayne Corprew, who listened to the sermon with his wife and three dogs.

“It’s motivation. I needed to come," Corprew said. "I felt like this was a good time to get back into it, and I could bring the dogs. It’s good.”

McCracken said he also needed some extra motivation to go through with the rooftop service.

“I have a fear of heights, so I had to kind of get over that,” McCracken said.

Despite his fear of heights, McCracken said he needed to find a way for his congregation to hear some Easter encouragement.

“On the heels of the worst week in our country, we also celebrate the fact that there is hope, that there is light at the end of the tunnel," McCracken said.

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