Taskforce formed to help Roanoke City Schools reopen

Taskforce being led by school board member Dr. Elizabeth Jamison

Durham School Services presents Roanoke City with action plan (WSLS 10)

ROANOKE, Va. – School districts across the state remain closed, but some districts, including Roanoke, are preparing to reopen.

Roanoke City Schools has formed a taskforce with that goal in mind.

The school district’s spokesperson, Justin McCleod, said Wednesday that the district is waiting to see what happens with the coronavirus before making any decisions, but planning is taking place behind the scenes.

The taskforce is discussing many different ideas.

“All types of scenarios, whether we do x, y and z, but I would say at this point it’s too preliminary for me to say we’re going to do what’s being proposed. All options are sort of on the table," said McCleod.

There was no timeline Wednesday for when a decision about what the next school year will look like could be made.