35,000+ sign petition asking Liberty’s Jerry Falwell to apologize for mask tweet

Falwell’s original tweet came on May 27

Jerry Falwell Jr. 'designs' his own face mask using Northam's yearbook photo
Jerry Falwell Jr. 'designs' his own face mask using Northam's yearbook photo

LYNCHBURG, Va. – The voices of those demanding an apology from Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. continue to grow.

In late May, Falwell tweeted his opposition to Gov. Ralph Northam’s mask requirement.

While stating his opinion about the decision, he shared a picture of a mask he would wear, which features the picture from Northam’s medical college yearbook allegedly showing him in blackface.

Now, a petition demanding that Falwell apologize has been signed by more then 35,000 people.

The petition, named “Alumni Letter to Jerry Falwell Jr #LUDeservesBetter,” is in correlation with a letter sent to Falwell from a group of Black Liberty University alumni.

In the letter, it states, “We ask you to withdraw your racist tweet immediately and make a public apology.”

Falwell has already stated that he would not apologize for the tweet.

In the aftermath of the original tweet, a Liberty University online instructor resigned, citing the tweet.

Also, Lynchburg restaurant, Fifth and Federal’s reply to the tweet became the rallying cry for a protest and later a riot in Lynchburg on May 31.

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