’It’s time to start owning some stuff’: Lynchburg Black Lives Matter rally touches on Black financial independence

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Lynchburg’s Black Lives Matter chapter did not take a day off for the Fourth of July. Instead, it invited people to Miller Park for a discussion about Black independence.

About a hundred people came to the rally, many of whom wore black in solidarity with the cause.

Organizer Christian Glover-Tucker said the event is only as important as the change it creates in Lynchburg.

“We possess so much strength, wisdom and knowledge,” said Glover-Tucker, while quoting a fellow Black Lives Matter Lynchburg member who recently passed away. “Only when they break our spirits are they able to control us.”

Several speakers spoke about the best strategies to progress the movement forward. James Hobson, who is the pastor of Hill City Community Church, told the crowd their money might make an impact.

“You get to choose where you put every single dollar,” Hobson said. “In our community, it’s time to start owning some stuff.”

Hobson said home ownership is especially important because renting leaves communities at risk of displacement.

“People are coming in, purchasing property, and fixing it up, which in turn raises the rent,” Hobson said. “When you think about a place to lay your head down at night, I want you to consider this: instead of renting, you can own it.”