Write a card to spread kindness to a child in Roanoke Valley

Spread Kindness Card Campaign makes cards then gives them to kids receiving free lunches

ROANOKE, Va. – Do you remember your parents putting little notes in your lunch bag as a kid? The Spread Kindness Card Campaign is a similar concept, except the notes are from you to kids in the Roanoke Valley getting free lunches.

Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare and the Suicide Prevention Council of Roanoke Valley are asking people to create short, simple messages for youth. The goal is to have at least 1,000 cards by July 21.

After July 21, the cards will go to Feeding Southwest Virginia to be put in the lunches they give to kids.

“They’re (kids) really focused on social media and texting so they’re used to that so I think doing handwritten cards really shows people they care and they’re putting effort into the message so we just wanted to spread some kindness,” said Sheila Lythgoe, prevention and wellness specialist at Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare.

Cards can include colorful images, stickers, the point is to be creative.

“We feel better when we are helping others, when you’re volunteering and reaching out to people so I think this is a good way for both the people doing the card and doing something special for our youth and then receiving the card that again thinking about them and someone cares,” said Lythgoe.

Before you make a card you have to email Sheila Lythgoe at slythgoe@brbh.org to get guidelines for the cards and arrange a card drop-off to Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare. You can also call 540-982-1427.

Some guidelines include:

  • Cards must be no larger than a 4x6 notecard
  • No envelopes
  • 5th-grade reading level
  • Avoid controversial topics, religious quotes or ideas, inappropriate language, business promotions or personal information
  • Examples of what to put on a card: “You are awesome!”, “Smile today!”, “You rock!”, “You are the best!”, “You are loved!”

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