10 News works to help viewers “Find Your Money”

Viewers found more than $169,000 in just two days

ROANOKE, Va. – The past few months have been financially difficult for many, and 10 News is working to help its viewers.

There’s $2 billion worth of unclaimed property in Virginia, and chances are some of it belongs to you. One in four Virginians has unclaimed property.

10 News is once again partnering with the Virginia Department of Treasury Unclaimed Property division to reconnect you with your unclaimed property.

Since the 10 News team began this initiative, we’ve found our viewers more than $1 million -- $1,069,000, to be exact.

During this past two-day event, we helped you all find $169,000. Last fall, we found our viewers $73,000.

On Thursday, 10 News was able to help find $92,000 for a local church.

This money can come from forgotten accounts, life insurance policies, uncashed payroll or refund checks, unclaimed stocks and dividends or tangible items from safe deposit boxes.

The toll-free number to call is 1-833-302-0704. If you’re having trouble getting through the phone line, you can always go to https://vamoneysearch.org/

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