‘We’re all in this together’: Roanoke’s Local Colors Festival goes virtual

'It reminds us of our shared humanity'

Roanoke's Local Colors festival goes virtual
Roanoke's Local Colors festival goes virtual

ROANOKE, Va. – An annual festival that usually draws in thousands of people to downtown Roanoke has moved online due to COVID-19.

The Local Colors Virtual Festival started on Tuesday and runs through Friday.

Usually, thousands of people head to Elmwood Park to watch musical and dance performances and try different foods, but this year, it’s all online.

Even though the festival won’t be held in person this year to mark Local Colors’ 30th anniversary, Executive Director Lisa Spencer said it’s still a great way to celebrate all the diverse cultures that make up the region.

“It reminds us of our shared humanity and that is expressed in so many different ways,” said Spencer, the executive director of Local Colors of Western Virginia, “We’re all in this together.”

Check out music and dance performances on the Local Colors Facebook page.

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