State Farm agents donate 10,000 water bottles to Roanoke City schools

Coronavirus-restrictions will prevent water fountains from being used

ROANOKE, Va. – The water fountains within Roanoke City Schools will remain dry this year, but students will have no issues finding water thanks to an ocean-sized donation.

State Farm unloaded a moving van full of 10,000 water bottles at William Fleming High School on Thursday morning.

State Farm agent Betsy Thomas said she wanted to ensure children would not have to look far to find water.

“If the kids are having recess, if they’re doing sports or are in the band, or if they don’t have water of their own, we’ve got to provide it or the school has got to provide it,” Thomas said. “We just wanted to do our part.”

The schools’ water fountains will be shut off this year because of social distancing; however, Roanoke City Public Schools will hand out water to students during both breakfast and lunch.