Virginia Tech suspends seven students over conduct code violations surrounding public health


BLACKSBURG, Va. – Virginia Tech leaders are holding students accountable as the campus prepares for the start of classes on Monday amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Thursday’s letter to the Virginia Tech community, Dean of Students Byron Hughes said the university has placed seven students on interim suspension after “recent incidents” over the past week.

University leaders can’t release the specific circumstances surrounding the incidents, but said the university’s Code of Student Conduct bears an expectation that all students take responsibility to help keep the public safe and follow all public health guidelines issued in response to the pandemic.

Hughes said that if Blacksburg or Virginia Tech police have to respond to concerns over noise violations or disruptive parties, they will also make a referral to the Office of Student Conduct.

This comes as Radford University, just 25 minutes away, suspended three students for conduct violations related to health and safety since the start of classes on Aug. 12.

One is banned for the year, while the other two are just for the fall semester

Earlier this week, Virginia Tech leaders released information about COVID-19 test results among students. Only one person had a true positive result, while four others tested positive for antibodies.

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