Kids Square looking for a kid to be a 'YouTube sensation’

So far, about 25 kids have submitted an audition video

ROANOKE, Va. – If your child loves science, he or she could be an online star!

Kids Square in downtown Roanoke is looking for a face for its demonstration videos.

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, Kids Square has created STEM kits for children to learn at home.

Not only do you get a bundle with all the ingredients, but you also get access to a how-to video.

Leaders thought it would be a great idea to find an entertaining child to tape the videos, so it created its YouTube Sensation Contest.

“Kids are watching virtual teachers a lot right now and so seeing another peer or somebody a little older than them creating these educational kits right before their eyes and they can follow along if the parent wants to buy the kit or they don’t have to,” said Felicia Branham, Kids Square executive director.

So far, about 25 children have sent audition videos, one from out of state.

The $15 registration fee includes two full kits for you to use to create your teaching video.

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