Roanoke City Councilman indicted on new charges of taking money from a City Council-appointed body

This reportedly happened during late 2020

Mugshot of Robert Jeffrey Jr., taken July 9, 2021 (Roanoke City Jail)

ROANOKE, Va. – A Roanoke City councilman previously indicted in July has been indicted on two new charges, according to the Commonwealth’s Attorney for the city.

Donald Caldwell announced on Monday that a grand jury has indicted Robert Jeffrey Jr. on two counts of felony obtaining money by false pretense from the Economic Development Authority for the City of Roanoke.

The purpose of the Economic Development Authority of the City of Roanoke is to acquire, lease, own and dispose of properties to the end that such Authority may be able to promote industry and develop trade by interesting manufacturing, industrial, governmental and commercial enterprises to locate in or remain in the Commonwealth; and further the use of agricultural products and natural resources, and vest such authority with all powers that may be necessary to enable it to accomplish such purposes, which powers shall in all respects be exercised for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Commonwealth, for the increase of their commerce and for the promotion of their safety, health, welfare, convenience and prosperity.

City of Roanoke website

Back in July, Jeffrey was indicted on two counts of felony embezzlement.

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These new indictments are based upon evidence uncovered as part of that investigation, according to Caldwell.

On both of these new indictments, Caldwell said that the among of alleged money taken is substantially above the $1,000 threshold for felony larceny.

With regards to the original indictment, multiple search warrants show how police are investigating the embezzlement charges brought against Jeffrey.

Authorities also believe that Jeffrey remotely wiped the data from his city-issued iPad after it was confiscated by police.

Caldwell did say that Jeffrey is not considered a flight risk, or a safety risk to the public at large, and thus he’s recommended to the court that a $15,000 bond be set and Jeffrey allowed to turn himself in for processing.