Roanoke family pushes for gun safety at birthday party for young boy killed in accidental shooting

Camden Brown would have turned nine years old Friday

A Roanoke family pushes gun safety as they honor the birthday of a child who pulled the trigger and accidentally killed himself.

ROANOKE, Va. – A Roanoke family is pushing for gun safety as they honor the birthday of a child who died in an accidental shooting.

Camden Brown’s family talked about the memories they will always cherish as they raise awareness about gun violence.

“You could never forget his smile,” said Camden’s aunt, Jeannell Jackson. “His smile lit up a room.”

Family advocates for gun safety

Camden Brown would have turned nine years old Friday.

But last year in August, Camden died in an accidentally shooting.

It’s a tragedy that still tugs on the heart of his cousin Jer’manii.

“I do really miss playing roadblocks with him and stuff,” he said as Jeannell dabbed his tears.

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On Saturday, Camden’s family hosted a celebration of his memory with music, a feast and a race car birthday cake.

But Camden’s mother, Da’Naisha Jackson, is dedicating the day to all victims of gun violence in the Star City. She created a board with the pictures of the victims, including her son, and placed it on display.

“It started off with him but I want it to be for everybody that has lost a loved one because I know the pain,” Jackson said. “And I just want other people who have gone through this to understand nobody has forgotten about you. I have not forgotten about you.”

Roanoke City firefighters garnered attention with their truck but laid out gun safety locks for families to help prevent tragedies.

“It’s to make sure everyone has access to gun prevention and make sure they can lock their guns up and secure those so that small children are not injured,” Roanoke Fire Deputy Chief Marci Stone said.

With another Roanoke shooting just days ago, Jeannell is pleading with the community.

“Hopefully people could put the guns down and do the right thing,” she said. “If you have issues with people, try to talk it out.”

Camden’s sister, 14-year-old Camillia Jackson, said more lives do not need to be taken as she blew out the candle for her brother.

“Keep watching over us and you will forever be in our hearts,” she said.

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