Powerball winning numbers for July 19, 2023 $1 billion jackpot

‘People have been struck twice. People have been bitten by sharks. Maybe I’ll win.’

ROANOKE, Va. – Did you have the winning ticket? Let’s find out! Here are the winning numbers from the Powerball drawing on July 19, 2023:


The red Powerball was 24 and the Power Play multiplier was 2X.

Wednesday night’s $1 billion Powerball prize has people seeing dollar signs.

“Help my family. Pay everything. My credit card. I [would] buy [a] new house,” Fernando Reyes, who bought a ticket on Wednesday, said.

“New cars, new house, pay bills off, put some up for the grandchildren for college,” Angie Pagan, who bought Powerball tickets for herself and her daughter, said.

“I can’t imagine winning that,” she said. “That would be great. That would be great. I hope I’m lucky.”

But your odds of actually winning are 1 in 292 million.

“It happens. People win these billion-dollar drawings. But the odds of happening are pretty darn slim,” Dr. Nancy Hubbard, Dean of the University of Lynchburg’s College of Business, said.

She says there are a lot of things more likely than you taking home the jackpot, like being elected president, dying in a plane crash, or becoming a professional athlete.

“Odds of being born with 11 fingers or toes is about 500 to one,” Hubbard said.

According to the National Weather Service, your odds of getting struck by lightning in your lifetime are 1 in 15,300.

“Your odds of being in a shark attack are about four million to one,” Hubbard said. “But if you live in Iowa and you never go to the ocean, you’re never going to get eaten by a shark.”

Nevertheless, Pagan is holding out hope.

“People have been struck twice, people have been bitten by sharks,” Pagan said. “Maybe I’ll win.”

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