Senator Warner urges quicker FAFSA review

He’s pressing the Department of Education to take a look at rollout problems

Anyone who’s ever gone or sent their child to college knows that the FAFSA can be a beast to fill out.

Well now, Senator Mark Warner is pushing the Department of Education to review those form issues faster.

The form has undergone changes over the past year to try to make it easier to fill out, but Warner said the rollout has not been effective.

Several accountability agencies are reviewing the the 2024-25 FAFSA rollout, but Warner said it’s not fast enough, and likely won’t be finished when the FAFSA opens back up this fall.

“It’s been a nightmare, where a kid will get into one school or maybe a couple schools and not know how much financial aid. Because some schools have caught up a little bit on their form, others have not,” Warner said.

You can read Warner’s full letter to the Department of Education here.

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