Virtual fitness options for staying in shape during the COVID-19 Stay at Home order

Closed because of coronavirus, gyms and studios offer virtual workouts

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – All Virginia fitness centers are closed until June 10 by order of Governor Northam.

  1. This order places a terrible financial hardship on all gyms in Virginia. It also makes it very difficult for Virginia residents to stay in shape. Having a strong immune system is closely tied to staying in shape.
  2. Governor Northam ordered gyms to close to reduce the opportunity of COVID-19 to spread between members. But in doing so, he also made it more difficult for people to maintain their first line of defense - a healthy immune system fueled by regular exercise.

To help meet the public need for safe and effective home workout programming, gyms across Virginia are retooling their services to provide virtual training options to help their members stay in shape. One gym that has been in the forefront of virtual training is Sand & Steel Fitness of Alexandria VA. They provide Virtual Personal Training, Virtual Fitness Classes, and Home Workout Plans. Each designed for your living room using the exercise equipment that you already own.

Virtual Personal Training ($$$): provides two-way, interactive, video coaching on workouts individually crafted for members to do in their home gym or living room. Each workout is custom-designed in advance using only the exercise equipment specified by the member.

Virtual Fitness Classes ($$): are live, interactive, two-way video classes featuring Yoga, Bodyweight Metcon, Zumba, and Beyond Stretch. All workouts can be done with no equipment in a 4 x 6 foot area. An "On Demand" service is available for people who want to participate in a pre-recorded class.

Home Workout Plans ($): Simply Fit, Burn30, Dumbbell Strong are your minimal equipment options - great if you are working out in your living room or home gym.

The Coronavirus creates an unprecedented time of stress, financial instability, and fear for all Americans. The world must change. But one thing is not changing. Humans have to exercise safely to stay in shape. Don’t let the state-mandated quarantine cost you your health. Find a virtual personal trainer or virtual fitness class. Because the healthier you are, the better America is going to be.