Where to find cheapest groceries ahead of weekend snowstorm

10 News visits five grocery stores Friday, compared prices

By Colter Anstaett - Southside Bureau Reporter

HENRY COUNTY, Va. - The bread aisle at Woody's Supermarket in Ridgeway was fully stocked Friday.

Manager Billy Wheeler said customers had been stocking up all week.

"We're selling a whole lot of stew beef and roast," Wheeler said.

Henry County resident Janet Cavanas was stocking up Friday and meat was on her list.

"I'm coming here to get some fresh meat and toilet paper," she said.

Woody's was one of five stores 10 News visited Friday.

The first stop was at Walmart.

At each store, 10 News looked at the price of bread, milk and pizza.

A gallon of 2 percent milk will cost you $2.14 at Walmart.

The cheapest loaf of bread the store had was 67 cents and the cheapest pizza was $3.48.

The next stop was at Food Lion.

The cheapest bread in stock was $2.29.

A gallon of milk was $2.22 and the cheapest pizza was $3.89.

Cavanas said convenience, more than price, is what determines where she shops.

"Whatever I need, conveniently, I just live across the street, so I come over (to Woody's) and buy it," she said.

Customer Lena Rea also said price and convenience are both factors when she shops.

"(It) depends on what I need. Most of the time, I like to shop here at Woody's," Rea said. 

At Woody's, a gallon of milk is $3.99. You can get a loaf of bread for $1.69.

At Kroger, there was bread going for 85 cents. Red Barron Pizzas were three for $10.

A gallon of milk was $2.59.

Lastly, at Aldi, 85 cents was the cheapest price for bread, $2.29 for a gallon of milk and $2.19 for pizza.

No matter where you stock up, you won't be alone.

"Everybody's got a little more panic in them this time. I think it's a big system coming in," Wheeler said.

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