Phillips leading James River to 'Football School' status

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BUCHANAN (WSLS 10 SPORTS) - James River has never been known as a 'football school.' But in 2015 with an 8-3 record, the Knights had the best season they've seen in over a decade.

"It showed us that we can do it, before we had the glooming 'well James River is not known for football,' but I hope last year shown a light on our football program here," said linebacker Davis Fenster.

In Coach Jake Phillips first year at the helm of the football program, he set out to bring excitement, and wins, to James River on Friday nights, and he did.

"The kids started to learn how to win and that something you can't teach, that something you just learn through experience and the way those kids learn how to win, on JV level one as well, so we keep doing those things and with the guys coming up through can carry on that tradition," said Phillips.

The Knights ended their 2015 campaign doing what no other team had done in school history, host a playoff game. They lost to Graham 35-16. The hope for 2016? To win the first playoff game in school history.

"That's definitely like goal number one, we've never seen one ever, and last year we lost our first home playoff game ever, so that leaves us with a bad taste in her mouth so that's our number one thing on the list this year"" explained quarterback Luke Harman.

The monumental season rejuvenated not only the support from the high school, but also the fans.

"That was the good thing was just getting the support from everybody and only getting the guys to buy in but also the school the community we can have something special here we really can," added Phillips.

The 2016 Knights will continue to earn the 'football school' title, their first test is against Lord Botetourt August 26th.