Game on -- E-games featured at Commonwealth Games

E-games part of 2017 Commonwealth Games

LYNCHBURG, Va. – In its 28-year history, we've seen a variety of sports at the Commonwealth Games. Some require a ball and others a bow. But a new event to the games requires a remote -- e-games.

"I think that knowing we had another supporting cast with us, it kind of increased the odds for a bigger turnout," tournament official William Martin said.

What started as a small Super Smash Brothers group on campus, expanded to include the communities of Lynchburg, Bedford and Roanoke. This weekend they get there chance to take there competition to the next level, in a sport that's continuing to grow.

"It's really amazing because it brings people together. A lot of people who are considered insiders come out and see them interact with others," Martin said.

It may seem that playing video games is a simple task, but players say it requires just as much focus as any other sport.

"You have to be real focused on what you're doing or else you're not going to win. It's a weird comparison trying to level soccer with a video game," Brandle Blue, of Lynchburg, said.

Being officially part of the Commonwealth Games, gamers play for more than just bragging rights but they too can walk away with a medal from this year's games.

"A lot of heated competition. People can get really at each other when you get real into it," Blue said.

Going forward the tournament officials hope they can continue to offer fun and unique forms of competition in the Commonwealth Games.

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