Misha Ge bops to "MIC Drop" K-pop


Misha Ge of Uzbekistan skated to the Steve Aoki remix of “MIC Drop” by the K-Pop group BTS.

Skating out dressed like a boxer, Ge packed some punches before ditching the boxing gloves and robe. Ge mixed traditional skating elements with modern dance moves for an inventive three minutes. He finished 17th overall in the men's event.

Ge wasn’t the only one skating to K-Pop at the gala. South Korean pair Kyueng Kim and Alex Kam and ice dance duo Yura Min and Alexander Gamelin chose songs from the group 2NE1 among others. Kim and Kam finished last in the pairs' event, but Min and Gamelin qualified for the free dance and finished 18th.

Yevgenia Medvedeva, an Olympic Athlete from Russia, is also a huge K-pop fan. She won two silver medals in PyeongChang, one in the team event and one in the ladies' event.

With figure skaters for parents and a skating idol like Russia’s legendary Yevgeny Plushenko, it’s no wonder Ge competes internationally. One of Ge’s hobbies off the ice is dancing and choreography, even creating programs for other skaters. He speaks several languages, and sometimes acts as a translator for skaters and the media when they are abroad at competitions.