Roanoke running group brings community together for fun and fitness

"Run Roanoke" begins fourth season

ROANOKE – (Photos courtesy: Facebook: We Run Roanoke)

Roanoke is known as the Star City, but in one group here you don't have to be a standout to shine.

"I think it's just the concept behind it. Especially when the weather breaks, everybody wants to get in shape, stay in shape, and look good for the summer. So we have fun with it," said founder Sherman Lea Jr.

It's a group called Run Roanoke, that runs three miles each time they meet. What started with just a few friends has evolved into a community movement.

"Well, this group is very supportive. We have runners of all shapes and sizes, we have runners, walkers, we have fast runners. I'm kind of in the middle, and that's O.K. too. But really supportive group and like I said, anybody of any fitness range can come out and run," said Michelle Whittaker.

There's an open invitation for anyone who wants to get in shape, enjoy the outdoors or make new friends.

"It's a fun group, everybody is a team of one. It's a great way to kick off the work week and to hold each other accountable and to live a healthier lifestyle," said Chris Finley.

Run Roanoke meets once or twice a week during the warmer months and notifies anyone wanting to come through their Facebook page "We Run Roanoke." The location is always different, but the city is always on display.

"We bring people out, sometimes it gets boring running normal routes. But we do a new route and run all over the city, all parts of the city, North, West, Southwest, Southeast, downtown, so it's fun, you get to see the beautiful city and it brings people out, something different and keeps things enjoyable," said Lea.

From the Greenway to Grandin, runners and walkers are always welcome to Run Roanoke.

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/werun.roanoke.9/ .