Troy Daniels hosts second annual "Dream Big" basketball camp

Fleming, VCU grad gives back to the community

ROANOKE, Va. – For the second year in a row VCU grad and current NBA player, Troy Daniels, has returned home to host the "Dream Big" summer camp.

"We had a great turnout last year about 64 kids. This year we're at about 130 which is a great jump and you know it's a good problem to have," Daniels said. 

The three-day camp aims at giving kids from ages 7-15 the fundamentals on the basketball court while teaching them the importance of teamwork, setting goals and having dreams.

"I'm big on dreaming big. You know, no matter what, who, or where you are, how old you are -- you still have dreams and anything is possible I think," said Daniels. 

While the Dream Big camp has increased in the number of campers, it has also increased in the number of girl campers this year. 

Kennedi Rachal is a 13-year-old who came from Ohio for the camp. Her grandmother is a volunteer and when she heard of the camp, Rachal wanted to be a part of it. 

"Not just boys but girls can also do things. Like it shouldn't just be classified as like a boys sport that only boys can do it," said Rachal. 

"I've seen plenty of girls that are way better than the boys," Rachal said. 

Lanie Bethel attended the camp last summer also. She plays on the varsity basketball team for William Fleming and sees the camp as a benefit to her game.

"Being able to, like, stay in shape a little bit and still work on my ball-handling and moving stuff," Bethel said

Daniels has been quite the journeyman in the NBA thus far, playing on his fifth team in just his fifth season in the league. But his story of hard work and perseverance continues to inspire the youth in his hometown and across the country. 

"It's a great opportunity just to play in the NBA, you know. As a young kid you dream about being in this position that I'm in and I'm actually in it now. It's kind of surreal. But I'm very appreciative of being in the NBA and being in the Phoenix Suns organization," said Daniels. 

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