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Washington’s “Fitz-Magic” gets to work leading the Football Team

Washington turns to veteran leadership at the quarterback position

Richmond, Va. – We’ve already seen the positive change under head coach Ron Rivera in his inaugural year. But the quarterback situation was a toss up any given week, until this spring with Fitzpatrick joining the football team.

If one thing has always worked for Washington it’s having a veteran quarterback under center making Ryan Fitzpatrick the perfect fit.

“Nothing seems to phase him, he just goes out and does his job he doesn’t look over his shoulder and I think that’s a confident player and I think guys can learn from that. He’s a guy also that he is communicating, he’s helping, he’s working with everybody. That is cool -- I mean that’s the type of stuff that helps your football team,” coach Ron Rivera sad.

With 16 years of experience in the lake his nickname “Fitz-Magic” tells you all you need to know. He’s been magic ever where he’s been. He’s had 223 touchdowns with eight different teams.

“I wanna be the guy that when we’re in the fourth quarter or facing some adversity and people don’t know what to do they can look to me. I’ve been through a lot of my career a lot of my life and I just try to stay steady I’m gonna be the same guy every day. I want to be the same guy in the situation so if I can provide a calmness for them and those biggest moments that’s kind of a guy I want to be,” quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick says.

And his receiving corps seems to like what they’ve seen so far with the high IQ QB.

“With Fitz I think one of the best things is he’s confident in his guys around him. He really does a good job of empowering us and also putting us in good situations to be successful,” added receiver Terry McLaurin.

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