1st and 10 Camp Tour: Experience running deep at William Byrd

VINTON, Va. – The Camp Tour continues on down the road to Vinton where the William Byrd Terriers are prepping for a new season, packed with experience.

Last season’s scoreless record doesn’t tell the full story of this William Byrd team. Operating under two young quarterbacks, the Terriers are back in head coach Brad Lutz’s fourth season, with experience on their side, ready to lead the charge and surprise a lot of people.

“Experience is going to be premium this year and that’s what we were missing last year. I think anybody will tell you, experience is one of the most important things in anything in life especially on a football field,” Lutz said. “We’re still a fairly young team with nine seniors but we have a lot of guys that came back with a full resume of playing a good season last year, against good competition, and that’s priceless at this point. Our first practice was incredible, and I felt like it was better than anything we did last year, so it shows that experience is valuable this time of year.”

“I feel like the class we’ve got this year and the group of guys, we’re all brothers,” defensive lineman Dustin Richards said. “We all play together, we believe in each other, we trust each other. You ain’t gotta worry about somebody messing up. You know they will do what they’re supposed to be doing.”

William Byrd opens the season against Liberty on August 26th.

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