1st and 10 Camp Tour: Carroll County relying on experience

HILLSVILLE, Va. – Our Camp Tour rolls on to Hillsville, where Monty Chipman is getting his team ready for the fall season. Carroll County shocked a lot of people in their 2021 spring season, Chipman advancing the Cavs to the playoffs for the first time in 20 years.

In the fall, they posted a 2-8 record, 6 of those games decided by a touchdown or less. The win-loss column certainly doesn’t tell the full story of what Chipman’s squad looked like, and with experience on their side this fall, the sky’s the limit.

“We’ve got all our kids back that went through that and they did exactly what we told them to do,” Chipman said. “So we’re a year more experienced, we’re a play here, a play there, from being 7-3. The good thing is we’ve learned from that and have all our kids back who went through that, so I think that is going to help us.”

“We will have some crazy stuff, be ready for some crazy stuff,” senior Landon Harmon said. “We do a lot of run game, we spread it out a lot, we’re everywhere. The defense, I’m excited for that, we’re all in it, we’re powerful, we all want to get our heads in there, I’m really excited for this year’s team.”

Carroll County opens their season on the road at Patrick County on Friday August 26th.

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