Around the Way with EJ: Vincent Wyatt

‘Everything I took as a student-athlete, I translated it over to my actual life and it has not been the same since.’

CLIFTON FORGE, Va. – What a true honor, pleasure and joy it was to catch up with Vincent Wyatt. He currently serves as the track and field head coach and the athletic director at Mountain Gateway Community College. But our relationship dates back to middle school in Roanoke City Public Schools. It was in 8th grade when I first came to know Vincent — hands down one of the most popular multi-sport athletes walking the halls, yet humble.

Wyatt went on to excel in multiple sports at William Fleming High School, with track being one of his most dominant. Although it was late in his senior year, Wyatt recalls taking a visit to Radford University where he said, “I told him, ‘Coach. I come from nothing. All I need is a chance.’”

Wyatt soon got that chance and followed through on his promise — breaking multiple records including the 60m hurdles and 110m hurdles. Wyatt even made it to the semifinals of the Olympic trials in 2014.

“While it was a great experience just to compete, I think it was more of a learning experience more than anything else,” Wyatt said.

After receiving his bachelor’s degree from Radford, Wyatt attended Western Kentucky University where he once again broke multiple records and became an All-American as he did as a Highlander.

“Everything I took as a student-athlete, I translated it over to my actual life and it has not been the same since,” he said.

Upon returning to the Roanoke Valley in 2016, Wyatt coached track and became the athletic director at James River High School in Buchanan. That experience led him to his current role at MGCC.

“People often only think big picture which is great, but nobody thinks about the pieces that are put into place that make up that big picture,” Wyatt said. “I’m the ‘piece’ guy.”

Wyatt continues to put the pieces to the puzzle — building the athletics program at MGCC while also building up his company, ExecuteFam LLC. It encompasses photography, personal training, motivational speaking, and much more. You can find out more on ExecuteFam LLC by clicking here.

“I don’t know everything,” Wyatt said. “I’m still learning every day. But, I’m not selfish with any of my knowledge or my wisdom.”

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Eric is no stranger to the Roanoke Valley. He is a Roanoke native and proud graduate of William Fleming High School.

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