Police ticket tractor-trailer driver who got stuck under Roanoke train trestle

ROANOKE, Va. – Many people were inconvenienced Friday because of what happened to a tractor-trailer at the Roanoke-Vinton line.

The truck got stuck trying to travel under the train trestle on Wise Avenue and it took hours to remove it.

Vinton Police Sgt. Scott Hurt said it's not unusual to see this happen.

"We normally have incidents with trucks hitting that trestle every few months. Every three to four months, I would estimate," said Hurt.

Roanoke police say the driver of the truck received a $60 ticket for not obeying a road sign.

Vinton officers weren't surprised to hear about what happened either.

"I couldn't give you a number of accidents we've had there since I've been working here," said Hurt.

It's happened so often, the clearance height on the bridge is unreadable due to all the crashes.

However, signs showing the 11-foot-3-inch clearance are on both sides of the trestle.

The Roanoke side is surrounded by amber lights, while Vinton's side has two signs within 500 feet.

"Typically, the issues we have are with people who aren't familiar with the height at the train trestle. People who don't travel that route like moving trucks and things like that," said Hurt.

After seven hours of hard work, crews towed away the sheared-off semi.

Hurt hopes other drivers take a look at the signs before trying to cross the tracks, "If you're going to travel that route in a truck, you need to make sure you're going to fit underneath that trestle."


Roads are still closed after a tractor-trailer got stuck under an overpass in southeast Roanoke. 

While Wise Avenue is still blocked off, crews have been able to remove the truck from under the overpass. 


If you're driving from Vinton toward Roanoke, you may want to find an alternate route. 

A tractor-trailer is stuck under an overpass in the 2000 block of Wise Avenue, near Indian Rock Village.


Credit: Cindy Vest Cupp
Credit: Cindy Vest Cupp

Authorities say they received the call around 4:41 a.m., and that the road will be blocked until the truck is removed. They did not have an estimated time for how long that would take. 

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