Community shows appreciation for those battling Mt. Pleasant fire this Thanksgiving

AMHERST COUNTY (WSLS 10) - Hundreds of firefighters and forestry department workers spent their Thanksgiving battling the Mount Pleasant fire in Amherst County.

The fire is covering 6,485 acres and is still only 10-percent contained.

Members of the community are working together to give those battling the flames a small taste of Thanksgiving.

Thursday isn't a typical Thanksgiving for many in Amherst County, including Owen Johnson with the forestry department, who's battling the fire.

The Pedlar Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department teamed up with members of the community to make sure those battling the fire still had a warm holiday meal.

People from all over the county donated food as a way to say thank you to the firefighters, many of whom came from out-of-state to help.

It puts a smile on Pedlar Chief Eldon Bradley's face, knowing the community wants to help those who are working and spending time away from their families this thanksgiving.

"It feels good that the people come together, work together for the good of the area and the community. I'm proud of everybody," said Bradley.

Fire crews battling the blaze say they feel good knowing people are thinking of them.

"It makes us feel great, the residents here have been very nice to us and very giving," said Johnson.

Two-hundred-twenty-six people are on the front lines trying to put out the fire. They're busy securing control lines, putting out hot spots and protecting structures, but they're grateful to see the community support and appreciate them.  

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